Southfield Mall Embakasi

The Proposed development is situated in a highly visible site located along Airport North Road which is a corridor connecting Mombasa road to the rest of Embakasi area. The South Field mall is at the center of the industrial and residential hub and benefits from a wide catchment area including the extent of the high density Embakasi estate, Mombasa road from the CBD and the traffic from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

In response to the location of the site in Nairobi city, it was necessary to provide a potential usage both in terms of urban entity and returns. The 4-storey shopping mall is designed to react and satisfy a demand for high quality of retail areas along with modern premises compared to its surroundings. The entire complex is defined by an integration of various retail spaces, restaurants, banks, and day care centre and conference facilities. The third floor exclusively hosts a 30,000 sqft conferencing and exhibition space which will cater for various such functions for the neighboring embakasi, industrial and airport surrounding area.

The shopping mall is located on a 3 acre parcel of land which is deep in nature with its shorter side facing he highway.  the overall built up area of 360,000 sqft and a lettable area of 165,000 sqft and 400 car parks distributed on the basement, ground and second floor.

The multi-functional building comprises of a basement floor comprising of 280 car parks, back of house services and lettable storage areas for shops above. This will be one of the first malls to incorporate storage spaces for every individual shops’ in the basement. The basement has a central oval water feature which opens to all the retail floors and forms the base of the atrium which gets natural light from the central atrium glass roof located on the second floor. The water feature also acts as a launch pad for a travellator which connects the shoppers from the basement floor to the ground floor .the travellator is placed such that it crosses through the oval opening at a cross tangent. In addition to the travellator the basement also has the main lift lobby and public staircase which connects all the way to the 3rd floor.

The ground floor comprises of retail space located around the circular atrium space with natural light beaming in from the glass skylight above. The main entrance to the ground floor is from a drop off facing the main highway. The main entrance comprises of a double height lobby space with the seating area for the coffee shop on the ground floor and the other 2 eateries overlooking into the same at the first floor.

The entrance celebrates an elevated volume enhancing optimum light into the retail spaces. The central atrium is crowned with a glass roof articulating light to various levels and to the water feature at the basement. The shape of the building and the materiality of their facades are juxtaposed to the surrounding low rise buildings to form an anchored and vibrant environment.

In essence the key concept behind the design is to achieve and develop the most potential and viable use of the proposed development and at the same time standout from its neighborhood in style but not the mass.