Keeping with the ‘Koroga theme” the restaurant has been designed with a concept of contrasting the materials to its surroundings but also seamlessly embrace its environment incorporating an outdoor subtle soft garden space. The restaurant has 9 pavilions which are famously called “Bandas”, where the diners can have a self-cook experience as well as enjoy the bar services.

The bandas are interconnected by walkways finished with bricks. Apart from the admin office and meetings rooms the restaurant is divided up into three zones: a bar area, the main fine dining room and the self-cooking themed Pavilions. The ceilings area a palette of finishes varying from gypsum vaulted ceilings in the bar to the timber T&G ceiling at the fine dining area.

In keeping with the traditional theme , the walls are finished with a palette of exposed and perforated bricks finely blended with mild steel cladding .The urban theme has been incorporated with imported bespoke elegant furniture and fixtures.

The main concept was to reflect a sense of the natural and organic theme in a powerful urban setting which portrays a sense of timelessness and comfort.