Proposed Office block Kisumu

In response to the central location of the site in Kisumu CBD, it was necessary to provide a potential usages both in terms of  urban entity and returns. The 14-storey office block is designed to react satisfy a demand for high quality work space and  with the structure  forming a scaled transition to the surrounding low rise buildings. The entire complex is defined by a multilayered office premises placed on a commercial/retail and Kenton’s administration offices & storage volume.

The first two levels complex hosts retail shops, restaurants and Kenton’s  administration office premises. The 5th floor comprises of exhibition halls/meetings rooms which would be for hiring purpose. The floor hosts a spill out terrace area which visually and functionally creates a buffer between the busy commercial area below and the office tower above. The provision of a convention centre set up is projected by its demand and returns. The 10 storey office block comprises of 9 constant floors of office space with multi functional areas. The central atrium in the office block provides natural sunlight.. The facade is a palette of various  architectural elements yet binding them together to form a architecturally appealing complex enhancing its entity to the surrounding buildings.

The functionally separate volumes with their shapes and the materiality of their facades are juxtaposed to form an anchored and vibrant complex.