Middle School for ISK

The newly designed Middle school project due to be handed over in November 2020 comprises of 8 blocks of learning activates and a laboratories connecting to the High school block.

All the learning rooms have been connected together with activity areas through a series of organically running walkways. As the modern education evolves, as open and diversified campus environment becomes encouraged. Therefore, the Middle school provides numerous communal spaces for teachers and students to rest, think and communicate.

The central courtyard, formed by the classrooms, office block, and laboratories is the most active space. It is connected to the High School block and the common car park adjacent to the Elementary block surrounded by abundant landscape for students to get in touch with the nature and marrying it well with the others facilities on the campus. Besides, there are plenteous communal spaces inside the academic blocks connected between each floor. These spaces encourage students to interact with others and break the boundary among different class.

The Middle school block is palette of various geometric elements and colors and is designed to be a sustainable building, with natural light and interiors with long lasting qualities. The fa├žade was created to have natural hues of nature enhanced by natural stones and cleverly merging them with glass and steel.

The proportions and structure between the surrounding existing buildings mediate the external appearance of the Middle School on the one hand. At the same time, the building seeks to find its

Independence through its materialization with naturally cladded stone, curved walls and geometric elements.