Kisumu Residence

The 15-storey apartment block is designed to respond to the present culture escalating urbanization and the climatic conditions for the region. The design scheme is an interlock of 3 different apartment typologies varying from 1 to 4 bedrooms each. The various levels are enhanced by cantilevered terraces and elevated living volumes. The interlocking of various apartments creates a modern emphasized façade with different elements like the suspended terrace gardens ,bay windows and the pergola covered terrace.

The first four levels complex hosts retail shops, restaurants and kenton’s administration & storage  premises. The 5th floor which hosts the leisure activity space like functions rooms ,gymnasium and semi covered pool acts a transitional space between the two juxtaposed functional spaces. The 11 storey  apartments celebrates its intriguing façade which alters the direct  sunlight into the living areas.

The façade celebrates a variety of suspended terraces from the various apartments and to break the monotony duplex units have been placed in between the 2 bedroom apartments to enhance the double height living areas in the façade. The  tower is topped by four bedroom duplex with set back terrace area. Pergola covered terrace enhances the sunlight at various times in the day.